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Lobbying firms

Lobbying Firms

Find the best lobbying firms that meet the profile you are looking for. Analyze their performance, see what issue areas they are covering, discover their clients and find out which are growing.

Lobbying Clients

Find possible clients based on criteria such as location, issue, spending, organization type and contracted lobbyists party affiliation.


Discover top-notch lobbyists by exploring their political affiliations, issue areas and agencies lobbied, alongside other criteria. Get a glimpse of their professional background through their profiles, featuring photos, employment histories, education histories and contact information.



Lobbying Registrants



Lobbying Clients



Lobbyists in 2022


Lobbying Filings

Keep track of registrations, amendments and terminations by issue, registrant, client, filing date period and other criteria.

  • Registrations

  • Amendments

  • Terminations

FARA Filings

Discover the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) filings that hold significance to you with ease, thanks to LegiStorm's robust search capabilities that include full-text search, registrant, lobbyist, filing date, client and report type.

Revolving Door

Unlock tracking of the revolving door between K Street and Congress, in depth and in real time, including data about which companies thousands of staffers and members have lobbied for. 

Lobbying Trends

Don't miss a beat in the ever-evolving world of lobbying. Keep up-to-date with the latest trends in lobbying firms, lobbyists, clients, spending and issues.

Lobbying Firms
  • Number of Lobbying Organizations
  • New Lobbying Registrants
  • Organizations by Lobbyist Party Affiliation
  • Current Lobbying Firms by Size
  • Current Lobbying Firms by Party Affiliation



Lobbying Clients
  • Number of Lobbying Clients
  • New Lobbying Clients
  • Clients by Lobbyist Party Affiliation
  • Current Outside Spending by Client Size
  • Current In-House Spending by Client Size



  • Number of Lobbyists
  • New Lobbyists
  • Lobbyists by Party Affiliation



  • Spending over Time
  • Spending by Party Affiliation
  • Spending by Firm Size
  • Spending by Firm Party Affiliation



  • Top 10 Issues
  • Top 10 Fastest Growing Issues
  • Top 10 Issues for Democratic-Leaning Firms
  • Top 10 Issues for Republican-Leaning Firms
  • Estimated Quarterly Spending per Issue Over Time




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The data provided by LegiStorm stands out as the best Congressional data available. The accuracy and organization of LegiStorm's data has meant that I've been able to greatly speed up progress on my research. I have no hesitation in recommending LegiStorm to all types of researchers, journalists, lobbyists and other political professionals.
Mirko Draca
Mirco Draca
Associate Professor, LSE
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I have found LegiStorm essential for my job and quite surprising in its capabilities. For an arts presentation I needed to give on Capitol Hill, I was able to automatically download key arts staffers associated with all members of the Congressional Arts Caucus. I was also able to find staff with "art" in their education backgrounds, so they got invited too. Definitely fun, and useful.
Andy Finch
Andy Finch
Director of Policy, Association of Art Museum Directors
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We love the service we get from LegiStorm. Your team always responds fast. We really couldn't ask for more in an information service.
Carrie Lazar
Carrie Lazar
Membership Development Representitive, United States Senate Federal Credit Union
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The system's working great for me. Very intuitive navigation. I'm really glad we found you guys. I'm extremely happy with the service.
Michael Brody
Michael Brody
Founder, Brody Group LLC Public Affairs
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We have found LegiStorm to be the ultimate tool in communicating with congressional offices, either individually or with a group. We have been able to reach out with messages to all chiefs of staff and legislative directors, or staff dedicated to specific areas. We believe that this ability was instrumental in passing two key pieces of legislation which were imperative to our members.
Paul J. Pearce
President, National Forest Counties and Schools Coalition
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LegiStorm Pro is the best source out there today to keep track of the comings and goings of Hill staff. It is user-friendly and constantly updated.
Casey Flanagan
Federal Public Policy, National Federation of Independent Business

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